Monday, June 13, 2011

Faith by Jennifer Haigh

book jacketThis story takes place in Boston during 2002, the height of the priest abuse scandals.  It is told from the point of view of Sheila, the half sister of the accused priest.  It is a dysfunctional family drama and the author does a great job of evoking the time and the values of working class Irish catholic and of creating suspense and keeping us wondering if Father Breen is guilty or innocent.  Father Arthur Breen is a well-respected priest but his half sister and brother are not sure what to believe his mother is the only one that continues to have faith in his innocence.  Father Art himself is not forthcoming on the issue for his own reasons.  One does not have to be from a catholic background to enjoy this well told story.

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  1. A film that is in the same vein as this book is "Doubt" starring Meryl Streep as Sister Aloysius Beauvier (an old school nun),Philip Seymour Hoffman as Father Brendan Flynn (the preist who is suspected), and Amy Adams as Sister James(the young nun who is torn). The film is set in 1964 Bronx New York in a working class neighborhood, as like in your book "Faith", the priest keeps his silence for his own personal reasons. The two nuns are concerned for the boys in his (and their) care but are also concerned about their own faith and doubts. I found it to be a suspenseful, tasteful look at an issue that has been around quite a bit longer than we would all like to believe. I would say, if you enjoyed "Faith", try "Doubt".

  2. Thank you Kelly I did see that film and enjoyed it----it is a similar story----

  3. When I first started the book I didn't think I was going to like it but as I got into it I could barely put it down. It opens your eyes into the everday lives of people from many different walks of life. It also opens your eyes to the controversy within the Catholic Church about priests and the accusations that have come out. It shows how even in something as grave as ruining peoples lives, some people will stoop as low as possible for money. In the same realm, others will do anything to protect the innocent. This is not the whole just of the book but it does play a big part in it. I think it is a good read and I would read other books by this author in the anticipation that they would be as good as FAITH!!