Friday, April 18, 2014

The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty

I enjoyed The Husband’s Secret very much.  Moriarty tells a good story and keeps you turning pages –compulsively.  She creates three women characters, Cecilia Fitzpatrick, Tess Curtis and Rachel Crowley and fleshes each of them out with compelling back stories.  The story starts with Cecilia (an annoyingly perfect person) discovering a  sealed letter addressed to her from her husband with the ominous TO BE OPENED IN THE EVENT OF MY DEATH . John Paul is out of the country when Cecilia finds the letter and he implores her to not open it.  However,  his unexpected early return makes Cecilia very suspicious and she loses the battle with herself and reads the letter.   John  Paul’s  secret is life changing . Tess’s husband has a secret as well he has been having an affair with her favorite cousin.  Rachel Crowley is searching for the person who killed her daughter in a hit and run twenty years ago.  Moriarty takes us through these women’s lives and loves and suffering and weaves them all together in a most believable way.  I enjoyed this book so much I immediately checked out The Hypnotist’s Love Story I enjoyed it even more than Husband.  Try Liane Moriarty she has a realistic view on modern marriage and relationships and tells a good story in a compelling manner---she is not just ‘chick lit’