Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bad Marie by Marcy Dermansky

Bad Marie fits the title; she is a totally amoral person.  The novel catches your attention with the first line, “Sometimes Marie gets a little drunk at work.”    She has been in prison for six years for being an accessory to murder.  When she gets out of prison a childhood friend hires her as a nanny for her little girl.  Marie is selfish and rude and manipulating and returns her friend Ellen’s kindness by drinking on the job and ultimately stealing her friend’s husband Benoit and kidnapping her little girl.  They run off to Paris together and take the child along.   Marie soon learns that Benoit is no prize and she and the child and head for Mexico where she thinks she will be welcomed by the family of the man responsible for her being imprisoned.   This is not the case.   Marie is wicked but I think at the end she does the right thing and reunites the child with her mother.   This book is quirky, unpredictable and edgy---a quick fun read.

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