Thursday, February 17, 2011

This Is How by M.J. Hyland

This book is about a troubled young Englishman Patrick Oxtoby an unlikeable character that has many problems relating to others.  Patrick moves to a seaside town to start a new life after his girlfriend tells him she cannot marry him.  We are not told the reason why.  He moves into a boarding house that houses other young people and finds a job doing car repairs.  Patrick behaves oddly and makes wrong choices.  However, I was stunned with where the the author took this character.  It is a dark but compelling read. 

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  1. I found this book difficult to read for the same reasons you have listed, and did not continue to the end. If there is a twist I am not aware of, perhaps I will try again.

  2. It was slow starting and not so interesting but it gets more interesting---do finish I found it most surprising where he ended up-----I will be interested in how you see it