Monday, July 2, 2012

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

book jacketGone Girl is a page turner with well developed characters.  The story is told from alternating his/her points of view.   Nick and Amy Dunn are a couple downsized from big New York City jobs and they return to Nick’s down at the heels hometown for a new lease on life. Nick and Amy are about to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary when Amy goes missing.  Amy has left behind an extensive diary and clues to her disappearance.  Also, Amy is the child of famous authors, and as the star of  their books, the national media is interested in her disappearance.  As the diary is read and the clues followed, Nick realizes it is all an elaborate hoax and that Amy is setting him up for her murder while everyone else including Amy’s parents are thinking he killed her.  We soon find out that Nick was not the ideal husband and Amy far from a good wife.  Amy is not only a bad wife but a diabolical person.  I hope I have not given away too much.  I do not want to ruin an excellent read for you.  There are no draggy parts and one changes sides from Nick to Amy---as to who was the wronged party. 

This is a great read and a suspense novel a bit different from usual fare-----loved it.

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  1. I read today that this will be a movie and that Amy Adams will be Amy-----should be fun---

  2. I just saw a post on Facebook today about how brilliant Flynn is (a "goddess") and how each page of this book was a marvel. Apparently one of the best books ever, according to this FB post. A must read, apparently!!

    1. This has been getting raves----it is a page turner

  3. I hear that Reese Witherspoon is going to be Amy