Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Long Drive Home by Will Allison

book jacketA Long Drive Home is a sad and tragic story.  Glen is driving his six year old home from school which he does each day when a driver cuts him off and causes him to slam on his brakes.  Glen is upset but only gives in to road rage when he again encounters the reckless driver and decides to scare him cutting the wheel so it appears he is turning in front of the speeder.  However, the driver veers and crashes into a tree and is killed instantly.  The other driver was an intoxicated teenager.  Glen realizing no one witnessed his actions (except maybe his daughter) lies to police about the accident.  A sly detective Rizzo is able to put bits together and pursues Glen and  the carefully crafted happy suburban life is soon torn asunder.  The tale is told from Glen’s persepective and in a letter he writes to his daughter explaining his actions.  Allison tells a compelling story with great brevity.

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